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How to Manage Dyscalculia?

It is common for children to have hard time understanding math. But, if the child has problem with numbers or number system, he could have a math learning disability called

“Dyscalculia.” It is a specific learning disability which affects persons ability to understand numbers and learn math facts. Upto 60% of people who have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) also have a learning disorder.

Main predictors of dyscalculia include:

· Impaired math calculations

· Difficulty understanding numbers and math facts

· Difficulty knowing the difference between two numbers

· Inability to add simple digits

The following are some fun games and activities you can play with your child to beat dyscalculia:

1. Cook together: Both of you look at a recipe that you are going to make and ask them to be in charge of getting the ingredients together that you'll need to cook. For example, 3 carrots, 2 onions, 6 tomatoes.

2. Play with the clock: Tell the child they are in charge of telling you when it is a certain time.

3. Play guess the pile: Make little mountains out of rocks, peas, or change and you have to guess which pile has more or less. You can also try to guess how many rocks there are in the pile. You count them together, and whoever get closer, wins.

4. Play counting something: Count, for example, all the red cars you see, count the number of fans, pencils, colours etc.

5. Find numbers As you walk around, you can play “finding numbers”, suggest that they find the number “2”, and you both look for the number on the street, license plates, etc.

6. Play setting the table: Hand out the plates, silverware, cups, napkins, and bread. Make sure they realize that it's important that each one must go to a set.

7. Play with stores: Imagine that the child is a store clerk, they must choose between all the products you have at home what they wants to sell at “their store”. They must give each item a price and a tag. Later, you go in as a client. With this game, you'll practice quantity, addition, subtraction, and even how to manage money.

It can be a fun way to spend family time and learn together.

Feel free to share your experience in the comment box below.

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