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How to Manage Dyslexia?

In 1968, the World federation of Neurologists defined dyslexia as a “disorder in children who, despite conventional classroom experience, fail to attain the language skills of reading, writing, and spelling commensurate with their intellectual abilities.”

It is a most common learning disorder characterised by difficulty with:

· Reading

· Spelling, learning, reading skills

· Forming words correctly (eg: reversing similiar looking words)

· Differentiating between similar word sounds

· Fragmenting words

It always helps when learning doesn’t feel like work. So, here are few ideas or ways in which you help your child cope with this type of learning disability.

1. Make up songs, poems, and even dances to help remember things

2. Play word games

3. If your child is younger, use nursery rhymes and play silly rhyming games

4. Listen to audio books and have your child read along with them

5. Make sure the child spends some time reading alone, both quietly and aloud.

6. Re-read the child’s favourite books. It may be a little boring for you, but it helps them learn.

7. Take turns reading books aloud together

8. Talk about the stories you read together and ask questions like, “what do you think happens next?”

9. Use school books, but you can branch out into graphic novels and comic books, too. Reading things your child is interested in or excited about can be motivating.

Try and make learning playful.

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