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Management of Non – Verbal Learning Disability (NVLD)

A disorder which is usually characterized by a significant discrepancy between:

· Higher verbal skills and weaker motor

· Visual spatial and social skills

Sometimes children with such type of learning disability shows trouble interpreting non verbal cues like facial expressions pr body language, and may have poor coordination.

Some interventions for each problem area children with NVLD may have:

1. Spatial perception-

· Providing explicit verbal instruction for anything that requires understanding

· Reducing amount of visual stimulus on a page

· Providing a picture of what their desk should look like

2. Attention-

· Visual contact to check if child is listening

· Repeat a predetermined ‘alerting’ word that instructions are coming next

3. Motor Skills-

· Explicit instruction (with repetition) when teaching a motor skill

· Handwriting instruction-keyboarding instructions

4. Executive Function-

· Practice learning the aterial in many different ways such as labeling it, drawing it etc

· Develop a repertoire of approaches to a problem when something looks unfamiliar.

5. Writing-

· Graphic organizer (concept maps, flow charts, outlines etc.)

6. Math-

· Use language to describe every step explicitly

· Always show sample problems on top

· Use a consistent spatial arrangement of items in math problems.

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